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This September your dreams will finally come true, provided that your dreams entail re-enacting scenes from Star Wars and Return of the Jedi with a single, ginormous LEGO Death Star diorama.

Yes, LEGO has announced a spectacular, 3803-piece set (10188 Death Star) to be released on September 16th.

The set features a number of “movie-authentic Death Star environments” including the Superlaser control room and target monitor, Imperial conference chamber, TIE Advanced hangar bay with moving launch rack, Emperor’s throne room, droid maintenance room, detention block, trash compactor.

The LEGO Death Star also includes 25 (yes, that’s two dozen…plus one!) mini-figures including Stormtrooper Han, Stormtrooper Luke, the Assassination Droid, the Interrogation Droid, the Death Star Droid and two Death Star Troopers, none of which has been included in a LEGO set previously.

Unlike LEGO’s 10143 Death Star II, the new set doesn’t include the outer surface of the Death Star, which lets you see all of the action in the various environments, but has us worried about how Han, Luke and Leia will be able to breathe.

Ok, I have to say, this is one of the COOLEST sets LEGO has done. Not only is it Star Wars (!) not only is it the Death Star (!!) but they seem to have done a really nice job with the environments. Check out those turbolasers! And the chasm where Luke gets a “good luck kiss” from his sister (!!!) and swings across the chasm to safety! And the Imperial Conference Room! And notice how you can drop Luke, Leia and Han from the prisoner detention block (I believe it’s AA23) to the trash compactor! And…

Wait a second.

Why is the Emperor’s Throne Room in there?! Dude, the trash compactor was in Star Wars. The Emperor’s Throne Room wasn’t until ROTJ. Ehhhh, who cares…

Check out the pictures and start putting aside your change from Taco Bell…you’ve only got three months before this bad boy comes home!