At ComicCon this year Avatar director James Cameron talked about his love for 3-D and his plans for the future of possible remakes.

“We’re going to do Titanic in 3-D! We’ve already done a 90 second clip of it and it’s phenomenal and gorgeous, so that’s going to be the project for next year. It’s a conversion of it, not native photography, we can’t go back.”

That sound awsome! eventhough I never saw Titanic in the theaters and cried with the rest of the world, I think it would be amazing to see a film like that in 3-D. Here is what he had to say about possibly remaking his other films in 3-D.

” You know, we’ve thought about Terminator 2, which could be fun because I think that’s a film that stands the test of time for me. I think the Aliens was a really good film in its time , but visually it doesn’t quite hold up. We’ve kind of evolved beyond that now, I mean for me it doesn’t. Terminator 2, I think is the cusp of where it still holds up. True Lies, I don’t think so, it doesn’t feel right to me. Titanic absolutely, slam dunk! I want to see it!”

With the 15th anniversary coming up in 2012 I am predicting a release around that time, or if he is working on Titanic 3-D next year it could be out as early as 2011. What types of movies would you like to see redone in 3-D?