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I’ve got nothing against the Flip…I gave one to my wife for her birthday this year, and she uses it all the time to take videos of our little boy. Ok, sure, it’s pretty crappy in low-light, it’s “only” 720p and the zoom is a complete waste, seeing as how it destroys any semblance of picture quality.

Kodak has obviously noticed these flaws in cameras like the Flip UltraHD, but instead of just complaining about it like I do, they built a better one. Enter the Zi8.

For just $180, you’ll be able to snag a Zi8 that boasts improved low-light shooting, full 1080p recording and even has image stabilization: Perfect for when it’s windy outside. Or drunk inside. Or for when you decide to actuall brave the zoom feature. The Zi8 also has an SDHC slot, external mic jack and face tracking. The form factor is going to be very familiar to everybody with a Flip, so no real surprises there.

Hopefully the only surprise will be how great of a camera the Zi8 is for just $180.

The only thing I can’t tell is if the Zi8 has any internal memory, or if everything is recorded onto SDHC cards. But with a 32GB card, you should be able to record up to 10 hours of 1080p video. Awesome.