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It’s a good thing that characters from different movies starring the same actors don’t cross over (unless you’re talking about Aliens vs. Predator) because that could get confusing. Natalie Portman, who of course played Luke & Leia’s mommy in the alleged Star Wars prequels, will now play Jane Foster, first love to Thor, in Marvel’s movie by the same name. Thor is being played by Chris Hemsworth, who played Captain James Tiberius Kirk’s daddy in J.J. Abrams’ fantastic Star Trek. So just to keep things straight, Darth Vader’s bow-chicka-bow-bow and Luke Skywalker’s mom will be getting it on with Captain Kirk’s dad.

I suppose in some peoples’ twisted (and seriously bored) minds, this MAY in fact lead to answering the age-old question of which would do better in battle…the Enterprise or a Star Destroyer.