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When it comes to LED-backlit computer displays, the market is pretty lean. There’s the ViewSonic VLED221wm, the…um…well, that’s pretty close to it unless you wanna shell out a grand for Apple’s 24″ LED Cinema display. Which I don’t.

Fortunately, Samsung is coming to the rescue with their XL2370 LED-backlit display in just a couple of weeks. Originally announced as the P2370L, the XL2370 is a 23″, 1920 x 1080 display with an LED backlight unit, which should give the monitor fairly brilliant color. It also means the XL2370 will be pretty thin…just 18mm according to the original press release.

No word from Samsung yet on whether it’ll still sell for $399 when it hits store shelves in mid-July (the price originally announced at CES), but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Personally, I’d like to see most major manufacturers go the LED route for computer displays, as they just look that much brigher and more vibrant. And because $1k is too much to pay for one.