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That’s right. Head over to Microsoft’s web site, where you can score a pre-order of Windows 7 Home for just $50 or Windows 7 Professional for $100. You have to be using a previous version of Windows to qualify for the upgrade, but the upgrade versions are complete and can be used to do a clean install (not just an “install over”) or even a dual-boot.

No word yet on whether there’ll be an equally sweet deal on Windows 7 Ultimate (currently, there isn’t), but we’re hoping to get an answer on that soon.

Also, today’s the official day on which you should be able to buy a new PC with a certificate for a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it’s released in October. Now, when this happened with Vista, it took a few weeks after the official “on sale date” for Vista to actually get your free upgrade, so it may be the same kinda thing with the Win 7 upgrade certs.

So far I haven’t seen any “buy now, get a free upgrade” notices on any of the major manufacturer’s websites, but Best Buy is all over it.

UPDATE: Dell‘s got it on their site now, although you have to look for it. HP sort of has it going on, but the links to the various regions seem to be broken.