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“Right! Now listen up, double-0-7, because this mobile has one or two rather special features!”

Ahh, he may be gone, but Desmond Llewelyn will never be forgotten as the perpetually-mistrusting Q, now, will he? I can just hear him in my head explaining the Sony Ericsson C902 Titanium Silver edition phone that’ll be prominently featured in the upcoming Bond film Quantum of Solace. More after the clicky thingie…

In my imagined version of the film, Q continues with “…5 mega-pixel digital camera with flash and face detection, spy-themed game, accelerometer, bespoke titanium silver finish…”, then Daniel Craig as Bond grabs the phone from an annoyed Q, slides it into the vest pocket of his tux, and walks out of the room, throwing away a “Q, have I ever let you down?” to which Q replies “Frequently!”

In my head, this scene, ripped from The Spy Who Loved Me (albeit exchanging Roger Moore for Craig and a, um, “modified” Lotus Esprit for a cell phone) would be perfect. So long as it’s not followed up by scenes in which Judy Dench’s M asks Bond:

“So, double-0-7, did you manage to capture any images of Blofeld on your Sony Ericsson C902 Titanium Silver edition mobile?”

“As a matter of fact, M, I did,” replies Bond.

“Was it difficult?” asks M.

“No! It’s quite simple, really!” interjects Q, “Our man has used Sony Ericsson’s BestPic™ to capture 9 images in rapid succession!”

“Q,” Bond continues, “your persistence of vision never ceases to amaze me.”

I don’t think I’d be able to handle the Sharper Image-recalling onslaught of product placement. Hopefully, we’ll be safe, as the films producers have stated previously that with Craig as Bond, they’re trying to stay away from the type of blatant P.P. and overly-fantastic story elements and setpieces that have plagued some past Bond outings. Which is good in terms of not having to worry about the above dialogue, but bad in terms of ever seeing Richard Kiel don his trademark grill again. Sigh.

(we aped the picture above from T3 because Sony Ericsson didn’t see fit to post one with their press release, and because everybody else was doing it, and because we love T3)