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See the young lady on the surfboard above? That would be Miley Cyrus. Or Hannah Montana as a gajillion kiddies know her and love her.

A source last night informed that the young Ms. Cyrus may be involved in a six-picture deal to play Gidget (made famous in a 1959 film by Sandra Dee, and then in the mid-’60s on the TV show of the same name by Sally Field), a young girl who, in the original film, discovered surfing and love.

The crazy part of this story, though is that the deal is supposedly with Fox, not Disney, and that it’s worth $500 million (yes, half a billion dollars) to Cyrus. Reportedly the breakdown is $20 million per movie with the remainder coming from merchandising.

We’re waiting for our source to get clarification on some of the details (there’s a whif of “get Disney to counter-offer” bluffery about the whole thing), but if this ends up being true, it’s an insane amount of money, but one that, given Cyrus’ following, might not be all that crazy after all.