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I keep toying with the idea of buying a netbook, especially when I see things like Moblin‘s swanky user interface. But a “real” notebook computer can do so much more, which is one of the reasons (the other being Moblin seems to be nowhere near ready for primetime) that I’ve put it off.

So things like Mobinnova’s new Elan netbook are exciting, because they’re one more nail in the coffin of me (and plenty of other people) not buying into the netbook craze.

Based on NVIDIA’s “computer on a chip” Tegra platform, the Elan will let you watch 5-10 hours of HD (720p) video on a single charge, or 24 days of audio on a single charge (so long as you don’t turn on the display). It also boasts instant-on, hardware-accelerated Flash playback (including Flash HD video) and low enough power consumption that it requires no fan to run, making it pretty much silent. Except for you yelling at the screen while watching movies.

The 8.9″ netbook, which weighs less than 2 lbs. and will feature a custom “3D” Linux OS, doesn’t have a price or release date set yet.