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Hey, I’m glad that GM (the old one, not that there New GM) found a buyer for Hummer, arguably it’s most worstest division, but you gotta wonder if the Chinese buyer, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company Ltd., bought it because they thought it was a good purchase, or because they think that Hummers are U.S. military vehicles and they think they just bought themselves a nice box of secrets.

I jest of course.

In reality, this move saves about 3,000 workers’ jobs, which is a very good thing, and Tengzhong stated that, along with bringing the Hummer to more markets (like China), they’ll continue to invest in the brand’s R&D to make Hummer a more environmentally-friendly option in the Ridiculously Hugenormous Off-Road Suburban Stripmall Housewife Caddy market.

NY Times