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If the Italians and Americans in question are engineers from Fiat & Chrysler, then the answer is “at least 20”.

According to a report at Autoblog, 20 Fiat engineers came to the U.S. of A. to check out Chrysler’s facilities to see how long it would take to get Fiats ready for our market.

The troubling part of the report, though, isn’t that it’s gonna take 18 months, but that it’s gonna take 18 months to get them ready…to be sold as Chryslers.

Now, I dunno about you, but when I got all giddy at the thought of seeing the 500 and, please please please, the Abarth darting around our big ol’ roads, the image in my mind CLEARLY had the car wearing its rightful Fiat badge and not no stinkin’ Chrysler badge. Pardon me if you think me un-American for this, but come ON, how often do the Big 3 get design right? The Holden Commodore fared pretty well, but it’s much bigger & more complex in terms of its skin. Imagine what will happen when Chrysler get their grubby meathooks on the simple lines of the 500?


Chrysler, if you DO rebadge the 500 as one of your own, please prove me wrong!