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Wow, I really wish I knew which moron(s) at EA thought that this was a good idea. How’s this for originality: A trailer for an upcoming game the sole purpose of which is to feature the game’s violence. And there’s Marilyn Manson playing in the background.

I don’t mind violence in games if it fits in with what’s going on, but to focus solely on that to sell the game? I was looking forward to DAO but now I’m wondering if the game is gonna be any good at all if they feel like they need to appeal to the morbid bloodlust of 13 year olds to sell the thing.

I just hope the game doesn’t actually include some stupid metal soundtrack. Because that level of unoriginality would cause me to not even consider buying it when it finally does come out.

When are content producers gonna get hip to the fact that “extremism” isn’t interesting, and it’s not the same as depth?


View the stupid trailer at IGN