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Exterminating the Doctor is one thing, but exterminating $230 of your hard-earned Earth dollars? That’s just WRONG. Unless, afterward, you walk away (or home) with this 18″ interactive, radio-controlled Dalek.

Available in two versions (the normal, gold version and the Dalek Sec black version), this beauty from The Character Group and available at ThinkGeek has full R/C operation as well as automated modes. It speakes 30 Dalek phrases (crossing my fingers that one of them is “You are better at dying.”) and also responds to 30 voice commands.

Hopefully one of those is “Get me Freema Agyeman’s phone number!” after which you could use the Dalek’s built-in heat sensor (?!) to sense Freema’s hotness when she arrives.

Think Geek via DVICE