Entries for August, 2009

G.I. Joe Fans Rejoice

If you’re a fan of G.I. Joe then this is a must have:┬áThe G.I. Joe Complete Collector’s Set ($145). This amazing collection includes all 95 episodes of the original animated series spread on 17 DVDs.┬áBonus materials include all the cheesy PSAs they had at the end of the episodes, a 1GB dog tag flash drive, […]

Video: Aion Character Customization with NC’s Lani Blazier

Video Game – E3 2009 – Video Game Trailers So, as you know, I’ve talked about Aion quite a bit on the podcast (Episode 30 recording after lunch!), so I thought I’d share this video with those of you who maybe haven’t seen much of the game so far. Or who don’t believe that cute […]

Paula Abdul Has Left the Building(s)

Well it’s sad but true: Paula’s not coming back for the next season of American Idol. As fans of the show have no doubt heard recently, things started to get tense for Paula when she found out that Seacrest is now being paid a zillion dollars per season, and she wanted at least the same […]

James Cameron plans Titanic 3-D

At ComicCon this year Avatar director James Cameron talked about his love for 3-D and his plans for the future of possible remakes. “We’re going to do Titanic in 3-D! We’ve already done a 90 second clip of it and it’s phenomenal and gorgeous, so that’s going to be the project for next year. It’s […]