Entries for February, 2009

Dollhouse Starts Off Lukewarm at Best, Thanks to Being Inhabited by Dolls

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how Joss Whedon came up with the name Dollhouse. It’s a show about (from what we’ve seen so far) beautiful people who are empty in their default state, only becoming “somebody” when they’re imprinted with a manufactured identity for their clients, to be anything or anyone the […]

E! Proves Economy Not Scariest Thing in Society With “Hot Girls in Scary Places”

Yes, you read that right. E! has ordered a new “reality” series called Hot Girls in Scary Places, in which three University of Southern California cheer squad friends are dared to spend the night in an abandoned hospital that’s supposedly haunted. The prize? $10k So all they have to do is spend the night in […]

Fanboy Heads Prepare to Explode: Blizzard Working on New MMO

Jeff Kaplan, lead designer on World of Warcraft of late, mentioned in a forum posting that he’s leaving the WoW team to start work on Blizzard’s next MMO project. This is the first time that any official word from Blizzard has come out hinting at the existance of such a project. Of course no further […]

Microsoft to Open Retail Stores: Finally! Some Exposure for Redmond!

Microsoft put out a press release yesterday indicating that they’re going to be opening some retail stores. Heading up the group is former Dreamworks Animation and Wal-mart exec David Porter. Of course many people will see this as Microsoft competing with Apple more directly in the retail space, but I think that Apple is pretty far down […]

T3 Reveals the 01 Phone Mk3, Increases Gadget Lust Factor

While the rest of the world talks about the iPhone and the G1 and the Palm Pre, we’ve had our sights set squarely on T3’s previously ficticious 01 Phone since the very first day we got wind of it. Now, T3’s revealed the Mk3 version of the 01 Phone and, perhaps, renamed it Hero (speculation, […]

American Idol: Season 8’s First “Ugh” Moments and…where’s Joanna??

That time has come. The semi-finalists for this season’s American Idol have been selected. Very few major surprises, but two definitely stood out: Tatiana Del Toro is staying Jamar Rogers was cut Huh?! Seriously?! Hit the clicky thingie for more and a complete list of this season’s Top 36…

Top Chef Season 5: The Final Four

Season 5 of Top Chef has been pretty great…lots of what’s looked like good food, without some of the annoying drama of previous seasons. Sure, there’s the pseudo-romance between Hosea and Leah, but that’s over, now that Leah’s been sent packing her knives. Yes, the final four are Fabio, Stefan, Carla and Hosea. If you’d […]

The Downside of Digital Publishing

You gotta love templates. They make creating things over and over again a lot faster and easier. But they also introduce the possibility for some issues. Sometimes I’ll create a letterhead file in Word and then save over it with an actual letter, which is bad, because next time I use my letterhead template, I […]

The Keene Act

Thanks to Jesse Alexander, who posted this on his Global Couch blog. Cool alt-reality video for Watchmen. Global Couch

Hideous F1 “Clock” Is Disturbing Abomination

Um. Yeah. What can be said about this? It’s a clock. Built into a sort of, um, replica of an F1 racing car steering wheel. But one of the F1 cars sorta punctured through it. And lost its wheels. And its driver. And the other half of the car. In what seems to be an […]