Entries for September, 2008

Note to Apple: Fire your Backup Programmers, Get New Ones

I would love to report on the greatness of the iPhone 3G’s 2.1 firmware update, but I can’t, because for the last hour-plus, the little status bar showing backup progress has been running. My backup has never taken an hour. I also don’t think that the 9GB of data on my iPhone would even come […]

We’re Not Dead! And it’s Partly Because of Her…

Well, the mad scientists across the pond fired up the LHC while we were sleeping and lo and behold, it did not, in fact, create a black hole and destroy Earth in the process. No doubt legions of bunker-dwelling, tin hat-wearers are scratching tin right about now. But I for one am not surprised. Because […]

Apple’s Let’s Rock Event News

So lots of new stuff from Apple today. Hit the clicky thingie to read about new iPods, new iPod accessories, as well as iTunes 8 & iPhone 2.1 updates.

Tikitag Turns Wal-Mart Inventory Tech into Fun

RFID and NFC aren’t really new, but up til now, the most exciting use for the tech has been either keeping track of razor blades at Wal-Mart or playing music from your Nokia cellphone on a set of speakers. Enter Tikitag, which is about to change all that with their platform that allows average Joes […]

Sony’s NW-S730F Will Save You $35 on Overpriced Accessories

It’s hard for anybody with an iPod or iPhone to get excited about other brands of MP3 / media players (yes, there are still other brands). But truth be told there are still plenty of people without Apple’s golden child and plenty who won’t buy one because it’s Apple. For those folks, this forthcoming Walkman […]

USC’s Contour Crafting Similar to Inkjet Printing in the Real World, Without Pesky Printer Drivers

3D solid model printers aren’t new, but they’re also generally pretty small. Otherwise seeming like replicators (from Star Trek, not Stargate), they can “print out” a solid object much like an inkjet printer prints out text or images, creating layer by layer of an object until it’s done. More after the clicky thingie…

Eclipse 400 Personal Jet Offers Bond-Like Coolness and Luxury

Remember that scene in Octopussy when Roger Moore pulled his little fold-up personal jet out of the back of a horse trailer and flew away, only to later require refueling at a local hillbilly gas stop? Well now you can be just about as cool, and infinitely more comfortable with Eclipse Aviation’s Eclipse 400 personal […]

Mitsubishi Prices LaserVue 65″, Prepares to Harness Power of Movie-going Idiots

It’s an unfortunate reality that ever since the laser pointer became available for under $50, there have been morons who enjoy nothing more than annoyingly scribbling messages or retarded Spirograph patterns on movie screens using said devices. Mitsubishi has harnessed the power of the laser in their soon-to-be-released LaserVue TVs, but rather than just making […]

Tabbert Paganini Puts the “bling” in Caravanning, er, Caravanbling

Ok, so maybe that was a stretch, but speaking of stretch (here I go again), imagine stretching out the miles on your next caravanning trip with the Tabbert Paganini. This 660cm (a little over 21.5′ long) caravan ain’t your typical Winnebago. The satiny-silver colored camping trailer almost looks like an Airstream that won the lottery […]

Customer Service Spanking: Maxtor

I’m assuming that there’s a reason that Seagate bought Maxtor. I’m also assuming that reliability wasn’t that reason. In the last four years, I’ve had 5 Maxtor One Touch, One Touch II and One Touch III drives fail, including a One Touch III that was doing nothing except clicking when I got into the office […]