Entries for August, 2008

IE8’s InPrivate Mode Confirmed, Dirtbags Rejoice

It was the ‘woot’ heard round the world. The IE Blog confirmed that IE8 will include a mode called InPrivate that prevents IE from saving data about the sites you go to while in that mode. In other words, it lets porn lovers love their porn without having to remember, when the boss walks in […]

New Artisan Printers from Epson: Hot Specs & Nice Design

Inkjet / all-in-one printers may not typically be things that get gadget-lovers excited (please don’t correct us…TMI), but the Artisan 700 and Artisan 800, announced by Epson today, are interesting for a number of reasons. First, they don’t look like the typical, nigh-hideous printer you see on most desks. Plus, they both feature WiFi, which […]

Canon 50D Set for October Release

The speculation can finally end, now that Canon’s officially announced the 50D. The price for the body only is set at $1,399, and a new lens, an 18mm-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS unit, will go for $699. Both will be available in October. Other highlights include a DIGIC 4 processor, ISO up to 12,800, 3″ display with […]

Happy 31st, er, 30th Birthday, LEGO Mini-Fig!

According to LEGO, today’s the 30th anniversary of the world-famous minifigure. I’m not sure how that’s the case since the first sets with mini-figs started showing up in the U.S. in ’77, but I’ll play along. You may have already heard that there’s a dedicated website for this most plasticky of birthday parties at gominimango.com, […]

Sony to Drop Blu-ray Player Pricing Just in Time for…Halloween Season?!

Back to School Season is winding down, and everybody who lives by the Target Calendar knows that Halloween Season is next. And just in time for that, Sony’s lowering its pricing on Blu-ray players, according to HD Guru. In anticipation of the release of a new, higher-end player, the BDP-S550, Sony will be lowering pricing […]

Bandai Wants Your Kids to be Tech Slaves. Just Like Mommy & Daddy.

Well I guess we’ll find out if Blackberry are the litigious types, what with Bandai naming their kiddie “smartphone” SmartBerry. No chance of getting them confused visually, though: Bandai has colored this little gadget all pink and blue in an effort to appeal to everybody (or nobody, depending on your point of view). So what’s […]

Canon 50D Specs Leaked on Chinese Website

I guess somebody was distracted by them there Olympics, cuz they hit a button they shouldn’ta hit and all of a sudden, BANG, official specs for the 50D appeared out of nowhere as if by magic. Or by accident. And then like so many dashed Olympic dreams (assuming you’re not Michael Phelps, who you’re probably […]

T3 Pretends Their 01 Phone Website is Real

This morning, T3 (which, by the way, we love ’round here) posted a blurb in which they claim to have “stumbled across” the website at www.the01phone.com, which they’re reporting is going to make the iPhone, Nokia N96, Blackberry Bold and Samsung INNOV8 i850 obsolete. Read more after the clicky thingie…

Sci-Fi Greenlights ‘Stargate: Wormhole Extreme’, er, ‘Stargate: Universe’

In the Stargate: SG-1 season 5 episode ‘Wormhole Extreme’, one of the funniest bits is the younger cast of characters in the fake show. Much humor is made about this “hot, young cast” in the episode, but now it seems as that’s the only way Stargate’s producers could keep the franchise on the air. Sci-Fi […]

2011 Chevy Cruze Isn’t Hideous

Here are a few pix of the 2011 Chevy Cruze. Visually, I don’t really like the silly split-grille design aped from the current Malibu, nor do I appreciate the chromed bar on the back. The Chevy logo is too big, and for heaven’s sake why on earth is it gold?! Those elements aside, the Cruze […]