Entries for July, 2008

Bootleg TRON 2 (TR2N) Trailer from ComicCon Hits Net!

Nevermind that even after telling her that the story was just like Wizard of Oz, my Mom still couldn’t understand, after seeing the film, what was going on. And let’s put aside the fact that Kevin Flynn, the most gifted game programmer of all-time, yells “Because, MAN, somewhere in one of these ‘memories’ is the […]

An Open Thank You Letter to Christopher Nolan

Though The Dark Knight has only been out a week, so many people have seen it already that posting a review now would be redundant.  So, instead, here is my open thank you letter to Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight’s director: Dear Mr. Nolan, Thank you for restoring my faith in the Hollywood summer blockbuster.  […]

First LEGOLAND Discovery Center in U.S. Opening Monday!

When the LEGOLAND Discovery Center opens this coming Monday, July 28th in Schaumburg, IL, it’ll be the first one in the U.S. It’s a 30,000 square-foot LEGO wonderland where parents can take their kids to see awesome, large-scale models, see how LEGO bricks are made and much more. But best of all, it’s the coolest […]

Journey MP3 Player Discovered at Lounge in Philippines!

Ok, you got us, we made that up. But it would be another really cool Journey / Philippines story, wouldn’t it? No, this Journey-themed mini MP3 player is actually found at Wal-Mart. And it’s got 1GB memory, for only $39.88! And it’s pre-loaded with the Journey album Revelations, which has 11 new Journey songs and […]

Darren Aronofsky to Direct RoboCop Relaunch

Most recently the director of The Fountain, Darren Aronofsky has just signed on to create a relaunch of the RoboCop franchise. This from the Hollywood Reporter, who also reports that a remake of Poltergeist may be forthcoming as studios clamor to remake popular films that younger audiences may not have seen. Which seems like sacrilege, […]

Mimobot Star Wars Series 3 Released, You’ve Been Dared

On Mimobot’s website, they dare you to collect all of the new Star Wars Series 3 Mimobot USB drives. Which is a pretty good dare considering that an 8GB version will run you about $40 more than if you buy a plain ol’ one at Best Buy. Of course the Mimobots are way-cooler than your […]

iPhone 2.1 Update in the Works, Needs to Address More Than GPS Stuff

Word on Blog Street is that Apple’s got iPhone 2.1 in the works, due for a September release, that includes features that would allow for GPS orientation. I hope there’s a new version of iTunes coming, too, because 7.7 is some buggy shtuff. Here then are 10 things that Apple needs to fix with both […]

DirecTV to Facilitate Daisy-Chaining?

A source at DirecTV today told pause.com that they are going to be officially introducing a way to daisy-chain satellite boxes “sometime pretty soon” just like cable boxes. And it’s not a channel-mirroring scheme, but honest-to-goodness daisy-chaining. Just like cable. But with DirecTV. Instead of cable. Ok, um, that’s all I got. No release date. No […]

Aussie Actress to Play Lead in Burton’s ‘Alice’

Tim Burton’s forthcoming movie version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ seems to have found its lead actress. Australian teenybopper Mia Wasikowska is in final negotiations to play the title character in Burton’s film, which is set to start shooting in November. The film’s screenplay was written by Linda Woolverton, who wrote the script for The Lion […]

Samsung Unleashes Bevy of HDTV Wonderfulness

If my wife and I hadn’t just had a baby, right now I’d be in NY at Samsung’s annual product showcase, where I would have seen, in person, these drool-worthy new products. The quick list is new Touch of Color LCD monitors, Series 7 Plasma HDTVs, Series 8 LCD HDTVs and Series 9 LED-backlit (yesss!!!!) […]