Entries for June, 2008

Garmin Improves GPS for Fido

Garmin, maker of all-things GPSy, announced a new canine collar, the Astro DC 30, to go along with their Astro 220 Dog Tracking System. With a 7 mile range and a 17-36 hour battery life, the Astro DC 30 will tell you, according to Garmin’s literature, where your dog is, where it’s been, how fast […]

Kayac’s Kage Roi Brainstorming Room Reminds Us of Something

Thanks to Gizmodo and Pink Tentacle for posting this blurb about a high-tech brainstorming room developed by Japanese company Kayac. The room “listens” to occupants, searches the web for related information, then projects said information onto the table you see in this picture so that team members can use that info to further whatever ideas […]

Blackberry Bold to Hit AT&T in August

Word on the street from places like Gizmodo, Boy Genius and Betanews is that the Blackberry Bold will be made available through AT&T in August. The Bold (aka 9000) is a very nice looking piece of tech. It’s curvy. And curves look nice. On tech. Anyway, check out RIM’s video of the Blackberry Bold in action.

MarineAV Launches 70″ Waterproof LCD TV for $56k, Includes Clock!

We’ve all been there. You’re having a party…anybody who’s anybody is there…and everybody goes outside and jumps in the pool. Then one guy has to bring it up: “You know, this party would suck a lot less if there was a 70″ LCD TV in the pool!” And the next thing you know, EVERYbody’s saying […]

George Carlin is Dead

He didn’t pass away, and he didn’t expire. No…comedian, author and actor George Carlin died of a heart attack early this morning in Los Angeles. His list of credits is numerous, and although some people think he’s “most famous” for his “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television”, for me, it was his crankiness in later […]

Hands on with the Samsung Instinct

If you’re one of the 37,467,199 people sick of hearing the media talk about “iPhone killers”, then take heart in the fact that there’s one less such device that’ll be talked about in the press from this point forward. Today is a big day for Samsung and Sprint as they released the much-ballyhooed Samsung Instinct […]

Amazing LEGO Death Star has Split Personality

This September your dreams will finally come true, provided that your dreams entail re-enacting scenes from Star Wars and Return of the Jedi with a single, ginormous LEGO Death Star diorama. Yes, LEGO has announced a spectacular, 3803-piece set (10188 Death Star) to be released on September 16th.

Audi R8 TDI Kills Two Birds with 203mph Stone

“Goes fast!” “Great mileage!” Yeah, right! By now you may have heard about Audi’s prototype R8 TDI…the V12, diesel-powered supercar based on its gorgeous production R8. But even the Audi dealer I ran into at my favorite local Thai restaurant at lunch the other day had missed out on one pretty sweet fact: The R8 […]

iPhone 3G Announcement: The Aftermath

For Apple and, in particular, iPhone fanboys, June 9th was a day among days. The excitement was not only palpable on the various gadget, iPhone and Apple sites, it was specifically discussed: A site I visited that was streaming live video coverage of Apple’s WWDC 2008 featured three guys, one of whom asked the question […]

So Long Sharper Image, Hello Marketplace Free of Plastic-y Matte Silver Junk!

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit overzealous with this headline, but wouldn’t it be nice if the marketplace WAS free of plastic-y matte silver junk gadgets? It might happen, now that Sharper Image’s new owners The Hilco Organization and Gordon Brothers Group are closing the remaining Sharper Image stores.