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Sleek new Ipod Shuffle Special Edition

Now this is a sweet looking ipod it holds 4GB its surrounded in steel with a buttonless design, and the most amazing part of it is it will talk to you… it tells you the Artist and playlist names. Its only $100 as the most budget friendly ipod it is looking pretty awesome. Sold exclusively […]

First Moto Android phone… Now introducing the Motorola CLIQ

Motorola has entered the Android phone game and is off to a great start! their new phone for T-mobile has a fully customizable main screen which they have titles MOTOBLUR, add your twitter, e-mail, facebook, and the weather all on one page. The CLIQ is due out for the fall of this year, other features […]

G.I. Joe Fans Rejoice

If you’re a fan of G.I. Joe then this is a must have: The G.I. Joe Complete Collector’s Set ($145). This amazing collection includes all 95 episodes of the original animated series spread on 17 DVDs. Bonus materials include all the cheesy PSAs they had at the end of the episodes, a 1GB dog tag flash drive, […]

$100 dollar price cut coming to the PS3?

As the guys mentioned in this week’s podcast, the latest PS3 rumor is that Sony is planing to drop the price for the Playstation in August, but this was never talked about at E3 to answer a lot of the rumors surrounding the price cut. The Playstation is lagging behind in sales to the Xbox 360 and […]

Makes you want to go to Japan…(Update-new Pics)

I was searching on the Nintendo website when I found a post that was titled Black Wii, I squealed with excitement but the link took me the the Japan site for Nintendo. The sales for the Wii are lacking in the foreign state and hopfully their answer is in the new color.  the controller will also be black but the bad news is… […]

After Years, Finally a Fourth Gaming Console

True, it may be for BRIC and other emerging markets, but that doesn’t take away from the fantastic achievement that is the Zeebo game console. While relatively low-tech in terms of its gaming specs (it outputs 640×480 graphics via RCA cables), the system has a very contemporary game delivery system, using a free 3G service […]

LEGO & Disney Reunite; Sets Due Next Year

Aww, what a nice Valentine’s surprise! Two of my favorite things (no, not chocolate & peanut butter) are back together again, according to a blurb on MarketWatch. Starting next year, LEGO will release sets based on three Disney properites: Pixar’s Toy Story and Cars, and the upcoming live-action Disney film Prince of Persia. Which means […]

Universal Bails on DreamWorks Distribution Deal; Disney Might Pick Up the Pieces

Last October, DreamWorks exited their distribution relationship with Paramount and inked a deal with Universal instead, the details of which are rather boring. Suffice to say, though, that Universal’s announcement today that the deal = not so much anymore is a blow to DreamWorks (since it included marketing $ to the tune of half a […]

XSEED Uses Nintendo DS to Go Back in Time

XSEED announced today their upcoming Nintendo DS title Retrogame Challenge, in which players must defeat the evil Game Master Arino by completing a series of challenges in (ficticious) retro games such as Cosmic Gate (think Galaxian), Haggle Man (a platformer), Rally King (driving game), Star Prince (like Galaga) and Guadia Quest (an 8-bit style RPG). […]

Sonic Blast from the Central-American Past

Feeling like your PMP is pumping out the jams in a manner that’s a bit too contemporary? Or a bit too, you know, boring? Then check out the Mexico Minigod vinyl speaker by marka27. A collectible vinyl figure that just happens to have a speaker, amp (battery- or AC-powered) and 3.5mm headphone jack, the Mexico […]